computer scam

You are sitting at your computer working on your checking account or your retirement account or just surfing Facebook and all of a sudden, you get a box popping up saying you have a virus and you are instructed to call a toll free number to help get rid of it. Or, maybe you get a call from Microsoft saying you have a virus on your computer and you need to get them to help you remove it. This is the latest computer scam going around.

First of all, Microsoft didn’t call you or prompt your computer to pop up that box because you have a virus. Microsoft is not in the business of fixing computers. You have been targeted by the latest scam going around. They prompt you to connect to their systems so they can “fix” your computer. In reality what they are doing is corrupting your computer and then charge you to fix your computer. In fact, if you have a good anti-virus software running, you probably don’t have any virus at all.


These scammers rely on scaring you in order to get you to pay them to “fix” issues you don’t have. So don’t give in to these scammers. If they call you, hang up. If you get a popup, right click on the box at the bottom of your screen that is linked to the popup and close it from there. Sometimes, clicking the Red X is not always a close button.

And in case you have called them or click the popup and let them connect to your computer, get in contact with us here and we will check your system and make sure they haven’t corrupted your computer and if they have, we can fix it.