Why keep WordPress secure

If your website is like 30% of the world’s websites, then you are running WordPress. Keeping it secure can be a full-time job. When you started your business, you didn’t start it to keep up with website maintenance. Are the plugins used up to date? Is the WordPress software the latest? Are there any broken links? Are potential customers finding my site in Google?
If you don’t know the answers, well, you are not alone.

Keeping your site secure is important to not only you but your customers. If a hacker can get into your site, they will use it to send out spam and can potentially infect computers of those that visit your site. Your email can be impacted if your domain is tagged as a spam site if a hacker uses your site to send out spam.

Also, keeping your site secure is important in getting noticed in searches. Google has already said that they will list sites as not being secure if they are not using https. If you are not using https, when someone searches for your site, it will show up further down the search listings or not show up at all.

What’s first?

So, what do you need to do to keep your site secure? Start with the easiest. Make sure the WordPress software on your site is running the latest code. You can log into the dashboard in the admin section of your site and there will be an updates section. Click in there and it will tell you if you are running the latest version. While you are there, go ahead and update all of the plugins and themes.


The next part will be a little more difficult. You need to set your site up to use https and not http. This step will let visitors to your site know that they are using a secure connection to your site and not to an imposter trying to steal information. This can be a bit tricky but this is what Google is using to let visitors know if the site is secure.


Also, make sure you have good backups in place in case something does go wrong. You don’t want your site down for days just because you did get hacked. Having a good back up means you can have your site back running in hours and not days in case something does go wrong.

These are just a few reasons why keeping your site secure is important. And if you need help, give us a shout and we will be more than happy to give you a hand. Again, you didn’t start your business to do website maintenance. Let us take that worry off of you and you can stay focused on building your business. Contact us and let us secure your site.